By Applause, Johnny Gruelle's Raggedy Ann and Andy. These two Ann and Andy are unique because instead of the usual button eyes they have embroidered eyes.

1982 Annie, by Applause a division of Knickerbocker.

A Johnny Gruelle Raggedy Andy by Applause item #16661, 8 inches tall with a stitched face.

Classic Raggedy Andy #8465 by Applause. "A 70 Year Heritage"

The hang tag reads, "Generations of children have made Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy their first dolls. This American tradition continues in 1988 as we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the first Raggedy Ann storybook by illustrator and author Johnny Gruell. This is a reproduction of the classic Raggedy Andy with a soft body and floppy design and embroidered "I Love You" on his heart."

13 inch "Woody" from Toy Story by Applause, copyright by Disney/Pixar. This plush Sheriff Woody with a vinyl head comes with a felt deputy badge for his little buddy to wear.

Raggedy Andy by Applause is about 9 inches tall and ready for bed. This bedtime Andy has his original blue and white striped nightshirt and nightcap on and is ready to get some sleep. His nightshirt is tagged "Item #15731 Raggedy Andy Sleeping Bag". He has an embroidered face and heart. His house slippers are light blue and non-removable; he is also wearing white boxer shorts.

This pretty Raggedy Ann by Applause is 12 inches tall and wearing her original clothes. She has an embroidered face and button eyes. Her face has more color, especially her cheeks than many other Raggedy Anns. She is item #16712, copyright 2002 Hasbro.

This large 25 inch Raggedy Ann by Applause is marked 85th Anniversary. She has an embroidered face and button eyes. She is wearing her original dress. The apron and bloomers are not hers.

"Pedal Pixie" from Applause, approximately 9 inches tall, copyright and trademark 2002. This little pixie has limegreen yarn hair and sheer pale blue wings. She is wearing a limegreen velvet dress with blue velvet shoes. All of her clothes are non-removable. The Pedal Pixie is holding part of a flower.

This cute Raggedy Andy has a unique look because of his side-glancing eyes. His face and his heart are embroidered. He measures 13 inches tall and is by Applause/Wallace Berrie for Johnny Gruelle.

This cute little pumpkin is actually Raggedy Ann all dressed up for Halloween. This is a 2001 Johnny Gruelle Raggedy Ann who is approximately 16 inches tall. Her hat is the pumpkin stem and her hair is as orange as a pumpkin. She has a pretty face that is embroidered and has button eyes.

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